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Are you a UX and UI Designer? - Flatland Creative
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Are you a UX and UI Designer?

What’s a UX and UI designer

Over the past few years, companies are pushing for new technologies to bring power to the consumer. Apps and website are the keys to reaching customers, and one way to turn people off is bad experiences within a website or mobile app. This is where User Experience and User Interface come into play. But, are they the same thing?

Both are required when designing a website or app. Where a button is a positioned on a screen, What colour should it be? to the placement of the contact details. These are all things to consider when designing. Basically, you won’t place a buy now button right at the bottom of a website, hidden or hard to find. You would place it in full view by the product you are selling. That’s UX/UI design.

But User Experience (abbreviated to UX) is more than that, it’s understanding the user, getting into the mind of the user. Their actions. where do they want to go, how many clicked does it take to get there. The job of the UX designer is to analyse, study how people feel and use the system. Highlighting the wants and limitations and find solutions to these problems. We’re all different and what works for me, may not work for you, so part of the process is having test groups use apps or website, to analyse the information and relay back to the developer and designers. A UX designer’s goal is to reduce the difficulty of a task down to the simplest of methods.

So what’s a User Interface designer, UI for short, is the bridge. Taking the experience and use and complementing this with the look and feel the presentation and interactivity of the product. It’s like a watered down UX and concentrates more on the look and feel. This is why UX/UI Designers are often and easily confused by companies, why would a company employ two people when one can do it all. This may be true, a UX Designer is a part marketer, part designer, part project manager; making the UX role complex, challenging and multi-faceted. Can you be a 100% in all these areas? Some might be, but not everyone.

The future for a UX/UI designer will begin to separate, companies will require more and there will not be the room for the role to expand to the demand. A UX/UI role should be separated,  build a team. Have a User Experience designer working with a User Interface designer, the product will be so much better and result in a better product, a better website and a clearer method to interact with the consumer, bringing satisfaction to everyone.