The Great Fen Adventure has arrived!

Come and join Newton the Great Crested Newt on a fantastic journey around the Great Fen to help him collect ingredients for his birthday cake!

The Great Fen is a very special place for wildlife to live and for people to visit. Children will get the chance to hunt for hidden treasures, complete puzzles and challenges. As well as meeting some of Newton’s friends, that live in this amazing place, whilst discovering some wonderful wildlife facts.

Each level within the game introduces knowledge about The Great Fen, its animals and insects which live within this environment. While challenging the players skills in a fun and educational environment.

Flatland Creative had the great pleasure of lending my illustration and design skills to the UK’s Wildlife Trust and the Great Fen project. The Wildlife Trust already had animal characters as part of their education project, but wanted to bring these character to life through educational learning. Highlighting within the game all the aspects of life in the fenland wetlands.

Working with app developers at Creativally. I created the overall design style and images within the game, while maintaining as a key member of the design-build and client manager.

The brief from the Wildlife trust, was to create The Great Fen quest as a mini adventure based in the Great Fen in Huntingdonshire. The game is aimed at children aged 5 to 10. With 5 mini-games which challenge children’s: hand-eye coordination, retaining information and memory. With different activities such as ‘treasure hunt’, pairs and ‘simon says’ style game. The challenge was to create achievements and progress within the game, learn facts about the Great Fen project and have lasting longevity for children. All within a very tight budget. Currently the app is available on the iTunes store here or a desktop version of the game can be downloaded from the Great Fen website here.