Flatland Creative grew from a passion for design. With evenings spent exploring different styles and techniques, along with a day job working in a busy creative agency. I began to carve out my own creative path which finally lead to running Flatland Creative as a full-time position.

With my design skills being put to use in many areas, from retail magazines to a console game or an educational app teaching children about wildlife. Creative ideas span all areas of communicating information. Highly skilled in Adobe software, I have the tools and creativity to produce work, big or small, online or in print.

Graphic design is vast, its application can covers many areas. Currently I now focus on offering three key areas; e-Learning concepts, branding and illustration work. All this from my home studio based near Ely, with inspiring views across the fenland landscape also known as the ‘flatlands’ of the UK.

Working with local and national companies, charities and new businesses. Flatland Creative prides itself in offering smart, professional creative graphic design solutions for over 17 years.


Tribecca Coffee, Wildlife Trust, Specsavers, Bethesda, Wood Green Animal Shelter, Just Flight, The British Board of Film Classification, Mastertronic Group, Action Play and Leisure, Smokeworks Cambridge, Pristine Dry Cleaners, Wembley National Stadium Trust, Alliance against Intellectual Property, Flashvalley, Rising Star Games, Ukie, Animal Health Trust, MCV, Grays Group, PEAK fitness, GamesAid.


A brand will distinguish you from your competitors, but you need to think bigger than just the logo. It’s the whole concept of your identity, signage, visual merchandise, social media and website. They all need to work together. It’s the whole package that needs to shout in the same voice. Flatland Creative offers, consultancy work to help you get more from your brand. Not just simply give you a logo and send you on your way. Working with you, we develop and consult your brand and, to build a firm and focused identity for the future, and make sure your brand sees you excel in the years to come.

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In life, we see endless shapes, colours, and forms. Photos capture a moment but sometimes you want more than just a snap from a camera or a standard generic stock image. Illustrations can give weight to content. Whether it’s a story that needs illustrations for a children’s book, or a storyboard concept design and artwork of an animated infographic. I love to illustrate, creating exciting work to accompany your content.

As a commercial graphic designer and illustrator,  I welcome opportunities; editorial work, surface patterns, and murals.


You may have your idea in place and need guidance in creating effective User Interface design. Or have the content for e-Learning but no design or graphics. With icon and user design, the task is to help the user understand what they are seeing, whether it’s static or animated, icon design or mobile apps, websites or games they all require an understanding of the final objective. With experience in designing for console and mobile games, User Interface design for e-Learning, I am positive I can be helpful in your project.

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