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Learning to become a better digital artist, set your goals and dreams
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My future goals

By 13th October 2017Uncategorised

Over the past 6 months, I’ve focused on one thing, I get up early to do it, I do it every minute of free time I have, I sit in front of the TV doing it. Drawing, lots and lots of drawings and doodles.

I’ve always loved drawing, as a child I sit and create my own stories. I’d see these drawings in books and comics of amazing art and worlds, I dreamed of being able to create something from my head to that level. In my teens, I fell in love with other things, computer games, guitars, college and finding my feet on the career ladder, I just didn’t draw anymore, life got in the way. I never felt I was any good (see my other posts, about the ongoing struggle with your inner thoughts). Until one evening at a GamesAid Charity event in which concept art was being auctioned off for charity.

I was chatting with Andy Payne, my boss at Mastertronic. Discussing the awesome art on the walls, when he said to me “why aren’t you doing stuff like this? you could do it”. I’d been doing graphic design for many years, I was so far removed from any digital painting that I just laughed and said it was a once a dream but that ship has long sailed off. These artists have been drawing and painting for years, some for over 10years.

Role on two years later. I’d spent six months on a sabbatical to explore and dare I say ‘find myself’. I came back with new energy and a passion for change in my life. One of which was getting back the things I loved and lost. Drawing again was one of them, I need to create art again whether digital or on paper.

My journey will last the rest of my life, learning, failing, growing as an artist. My future dream is to draw for a living, create usable work that people would pay me for. I may not get to be the concept artist at a games studio (I’m 43, there are so many talented people half my age), but my goal to produce my own artwork and in-game graphics is an achievable goal. With the help of Schoolism online classes, and a ton of youtube videos. I’m sure I can reach my goal, if I put in the time and effort to become better. They say 10,000 hours gets you to a professional level, for me it’s not about the hours, it’s about loving what you do and fulfilling that dream. For me, I’m loving this road trip and I plan to continue until I can no longer hold a pencil or stylus.

Here is a selection of work currently done in the summer of 2017.