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Beginner's journey into screenprinting - Flatland Creative
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Beginner’s journey into screenprinting

I’m a beginner in screenprinting, I’ve never done it, nor taken any courses. But, loved the look and feel of a printed poster or a cool looking tote bag. It’s something I needed to try and explore the idea of printing my own work. Searching on google I found an ebay seller, selling most of the items I needed, screen, squeegee, film, and a pot of black ink. Brilliant I thought, that’s a good starting point and placed a bid.

£25 lighter, a parcel on my floor. All of the kit was in good condition, a good chunk of the items I needed in one hit. What’s not so great is the fact the screen has a pre-burned image. The seller said it would be easy to remove. I had a feeling if it was that easy, why did they not wash it off themselves. I knew this would be the issue and took this into account when I purchased the bundle. With my basic understanding I thought I might be able to wash it out and have a nice clean screen to start using. Wrong! the photo emulsion is light sensitive and this thing is extremely hard to wash out if left on for a long period of time. There’s nothing I own or can do to wash it off. I’ve tried scrubbing with all kinds of chemicals to remove the image from the screen. It just won’t come off.

So for the time being, I went and purchased a brand new screen. Now onto the making my table and hinges.